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to my stalker(s)

it has come to my attention that a particular Stalker or two Had bEen gOogling (yes, it ain't a word but it is now).

Thought the least i could do for their efforts would be to say: Hello you! Maybe dinner some time?

...is kinda excited.
am gonna start a little personal project for the next 24 weeks.
hope to get friends living overseas on board too. thinking about platform issues now.

meanwhile, feeling really fucked up for my test tomorrow.
have been more excited/concentrated with that personal project than the freakin' test.

oh well/damn it.


Finally, there's some time for me to marvel at 2010.

Apart from my family taking center stage for the first half of the year, the rest of the year was spent rather selfishly on myself. I apologise to my friends and family for my absence (but you may have to bear with this for a few more years to come!).

Probably spent close to half the year out of the country, traveling and/or working.

Was in Bali for New Year with my family, totally chilling out at Conrad and what not.
Then came NYC for GQ's commencement, followed by a stint with AIESEC Bahrain before heading home.
Stayed on for a month plus.

Went off to India for close to three months, working on a conference with 58 other crazies from 33 other countries in Hyderabad. Talk about cultural differences and such, the biggest cultural shock (work-wise at least) had came from my asian mates!

Unexpectedly, got really close with Nithya, Renee, Freyja and Janina. Awesome bitch-mates and my lifeline when i was totally down in the dumps in India. I remember how teary-eyed we all got and were kinda hoping the taxi to the airport never arrives. Next in line, Gabby and Christina for the laughs and THAT night, Nicoleta for our long deep/no bullshit conversations on trains across India (and that means rides of at least 20hours) and Nakul, who fits in almost every way actually.

Took literally a whole day of flying around India just to get out (the perils when you visit small/under developed towns), arrived in Bangkok at 5am or something. Headed straight for the hotel, inexplicably and unexpectedly, a rush of joy overcame me when i opened the door. A queen-sized bed! Hot showers! AC! Telly! Well, i could live without them but having been traveling without them for so long, they were like pieces of dark chocolate to a deprived me! Oh and i remembered the first meal too- beef.

Anyway, headed home. Kinda swore off traveling but contemplated heading to the middle east if fate worked out. It didn't. Swore off traveling but found myself booking a week in Bali with Bernice, who truly is my partner in crime. A little hard to say no to that!

Oh and before that, headed to Ho Chi Minh to render some consultancy services for AIESEC.

Had an unexpectedly pleasant Christmas, fingers crossed.

The weather in Germany got better, permitting Christina to fly down. Met her in KL, traveled up to Langkawi for NYE. Alcohol was dirt cheap. Beaches were nothing fantastic compared to those in Bali but pleasant. Partied on NYE on the beach, stripping off, running into the sea between parties. Waited for a countdown but fireworks went off a good 2-3 minutes before 2011. Bummer. Ain't that like pre-mature ejaculation/bad sex anyway? Seriously, such a bummer.

So yeah, here now. What's up for 2011?

I will focus on my last semester of school, for once!
Focus less on traveling, although Spain's on the horizon in a few weeks. Melbourne for my dear brother's graduation (yay!). These shall be the only breaks i'm taking during school!

Head for either Latin America (Hello Gabby and Nithya)/Africa (Renee and Freyja) /Europe (Anyone else who may be home then!)...maybe Middle East but well, i don't feel like it anymore.

Find a job, plot my post-grad plans.

Hope my christmas surprise works... hmm... come to think of it, fuck that.


LOVE how simple it all sounds.

Champagne brunch with FBE and mummy later at the Regent. double yays?!

because i wasn't done



[b)ut only

(s]illy knew how.



yes, i confess.

i'm an alcoholic.

i added Bailey's to my breakfast of milk and cereal.

Was wondering why on earth i fell asleep after breakfast, apart from getting my barely enough daily routine of 3-4 hours of sleep.

Staying home is bad for me.

Been looking for 7-up/Sprite for my lychee liquor only because i was too lazy to make proper lychee martinis.

hmm, oh well. at least i'm fully functional when drunk -recalls all the times i had to bring people back from clubs when i was high myself- *sniggers*


anyway, off to conduct interviews before it rains. yet another bunch of baby @ers. I feel really old now.

Feeling Relic

i love underrated singers and their moderate hits better than their big hits (thinks: My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.
And their like, It's better than yours. Damn right it's better than yours. I can teach you, but I have to charge).


crossing over from R&B to dance, she's still good though.

she does make me feel kinda relic though. Started listening to her when her debut was realised when i was 13. Mashallah! It's been 11 years, just like that. Anyway, had lunch with Adrian back at Arts today and we really do start feeling out of place. There's kids everywhere!

okie dokie.
i'm just distracted.

hmm, i feel trashy.

Shall finally finish my training module. Prep for dry run. Get cards. Lunch with my bitch. Pick up NTTs along the way to NanTah. Dry runs. Home. Chill. Busy as i may, something seems lacking.
And on a random note, me sings: "just like the sky, on the 4th of july (you make me high)."
seriously now?
argh. hate it when people use me for personal gains.
family, or not.
elroy, still stupid. still used.

what's wrong with a little honesty?

freakin' bitch.

yet another reminder not to be home.

on the road again

there was a time where all i knew was that line from a song.
there was a time i found myself singing it to people who didn't have a clue what i was singing about.
there was a time people thought i'm semi-crazy.

it drove me crazy.
i'm not crazy!
i could've sworn that i've heard it and it's an actual song.

months later, i found the person with the song and the key to my sanity.

here goes, good ol' white trash.

would be employed from next week to pay off debts! YAY!


i think...

if, i could be a little more selfish, i'll probably get whatever i want.
maybe i should stop putting myself in the shoes of others when i make decisions.

to be a little more selfish/self-loving. Maybe that should be my new year resolution that came early.

Garh. Gotta prep now.
NTT dry runs. Whoopiee doo!

Also... having a strange craving for Honey Nut Cheerios drowned in Milk.

Garh. feeling really .................okay, found the word: queasy.


it ain't Jan Burger nor Carl's Jr but ...

2 months without beef, something just didn't felt right!

Was gonna do a recap on my 2 months in India, the dramas and the people but this is better...

I've got AC in my room!
I've got hot water spurting out of the shower heads!
I've got toilet roll! (eh... i use both water and toilet paper cause i'm anal like that)
I've got a king sized bed to myself!
I've got (free) wireless in my room!

More importantly....
I had beef!

Can't imagine it took me 16 hours to get from India to Bangkok! Three short flights and lots of waiting in between. Gosh, think i only managed 20-30 minutes of sleep each time i'm in the air.

Was so damn tired when i got here but even that couldn't stop me from grinning to myself when i opened the door to my room! No more dingy rooms!

Napped for about two hours, headed out and first sign i saw... McDonald's and i knew i had to get my fix! And that, i did.

Wondered around town, had my hair cut, got myself a pair of glasses cause the other is fucked after someone slept on it. no big issues there.

OOOH.. enjoying the street food here too! Except for the barbecued chicken thingie that i thought was fillet until i sank my teeth in them and on closer inspection, EEEk! I see the tongue!

Anyway, gonna get back to work now... after i'm done with Drawn Together. Found season one on youtube! Yeeeha.

And with a stroke of luck, Na's got work here in Bangkok over the next few days. Would be meeting up with my dear sister later for dinner after too long!